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  • google mobile ranking cover

    Google mobile ranking

    It’s been about a month since Google put into effect a plan announced in February to boost the rank of mobile-friendly sites on mobile searches. What does that mean for your website?

  • tls https lock

    The TLS is always on at Quinn Interactive

    You might have noticed that the URL on our company site changed just a bit, from http://quinn.com to https://quinn.com. A small change, but a fairly big difference. That lock means that your interactions with our website are secured with TLS (transport layer security), the web standard for secure communications. It could also mean better search rankings.

  • old time cash register

    Ecommerce 101

    Any shop on the web wants to accomplish primarily one thing. Sell more. The battle to increase revenue is a war of inches and degrees. To succeed, you first need to understand the math of e-commerce.