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  • meltdown spectre

    Meltdown & Spectre

    Meltdown and Spectre are hardware vulnerabilities affecting most computers. These vulnerabilities allow information to be divulged inappropriately. This could include passwords and encryption keys, for example.

    The computing industry is applying software mitigations to reduce exposure to exploitation of these problems. The mitigations have already caused predicted performance loss, as well as having caused unexpected crashes of computer systems.

    As mitigations continue to be deployed across the industry, we should expect that the web sites we care about might be slower and might be less available than what we are used to.

  • how to tls

    How to get a TLS (SSL) certificate

    TLS certificates are based on complex mathematical principles of public-key cryptography, so there is a certain, unavoidable level of intricacy to the process. This brief guide aims to make the process of getting your certificate as painless as possible.

  • tls https lock

    The TLS is always on at Quinn Interactive

    You might have noticed that the URL on our company site changed just a bit, from http://quinn.com to https://quinn.com. A small change, but a fairly big difference. That lock means that your interactions with our website are secured with TLS (transport layer security), the web standard for secure communications. It could also mean better search rankings.