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  • SS favorite modules legos

    Our favorite SilverStripe modules

    SilverStripe modules are a type of add-on (the other kind is themes) that provide extra functionality to SilverStripe. The core of SilverStripe functionality strives to include only what’s necessary. Nonetheless, we find that we almost always use a handful of modules with particularly widespread applicability.

  • SilverStripe vs Drupal

    SilverStripe vs. Drupal, a developer’s perspective

    I’ve seen lots of comparisons between SilverStripe and other CMSs like Drupal, but most of them are either very high-level, or mostly editor-centric. So, I thought I’d explain why we chose SilverStripe over Drupal, from the point of view of a web developer.

  • pullquote

    Pullquotes, Blockquotes, and Asides in HTML5

    For years we've been abusing the poor <blockquote> tag. And I've been as guilty as anyone. Most of the time, we use it as a pull-quote. Those big excerpts of text from within the current article we highlight to make a point stand out, or to add some visual interest to page. The things is, that's not what a <blockquote> is for.

  • old time cash register

    Ecommerce 101

    Any shop on the web wants to accomplish primarily one thing. Sell more. The battle to increase revenue is a war of inches and degrees. To succeed, you first need to understand the math of e-commerce.