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About accessibility

At Quinn Labs, we’re sensitive to the importance of web accessibility. The web can’t fulfill its promise of making the world’s information available when web sites remain inaccessible to persons with disabilities.

To support web accessibility, Quinn Labs has undertaken the following items:

  • Semantic markup
  • Significant images have alt text
  • Major navigation items have access keys (listed below)

We’re sure we haven’t gotten it all right, and are always looking for ways to improve, so if you have suggestions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you on our contact form.

Using access keys in different web browsers

Browsers’ implementations of access keys vary, and change over time. A small selection of browsers’ implementations is below. For more detailed information about a larger list of browser, please consult the Wikipedia article on the subject.



Hold down the Alt key and press the access key.


Hold down the Shift+Alt keys and press the access key.

Internet Explorer

Hold down the Alt key, press the access key, then release both keys.

Mac OS X

Chrome, Firefox, & Safari

Hold down the control & option keys and press the access key.



Hold down the Alt key, then press the access key.


Press and release the Ctrl key, then press the access key.